Workers Compensation Management

The independent practitioners working from Good Health Greenhills play a critical role in improving health and return to work outcomes for injured workers.

The independent GP’s are responsible for the overall management of an injured workers recovery, rehabilitation and return to work.

This is achieved through a case management approach which involves collaboration between the injured worker, medical and rehabilitation providers, the employer and the Workers Compensation Insurer.

Assessment, effective early treatment, mobilization and good communication between all parties enhances the outcomes for everyone involved.

The independent GP’s will provide

  • Comprehensive initial assessment (this is sometimes undertaken in an emergency department)
  • Comprehensive management of the workplace injury including completing “paperwork” and Workcover notification if required
  • Development of a Return to Work Plan
  • Monitoring of the injured workers progress
  • Referral to specialist providers if required
  • Support and advocacy for the injured worker as needed
  • Early identification of barriers to a safe return to work and development of plans to address these
  • Liaison with other service providers, employers and insurers to facilitate the best return to work outcomes.