Shared Antenatal Care

Shared antenatal care is sharing pregnancy care between the independent general practitioner and the hospital antenatal clinic. Shared antenatal care is an option for pregnant women with no adverse maternal or fetal pregnancy risk factors. Independent  GPs will consult and can refer to the hospital’s obstetric team if problems arise.

If you are a well woman and have an uncomplicated normal pregnancy and would like your usual independent GP to look after you during your pregnancy, GP antenatal shared care may be an option for you .

You will have some of your pregnancy care with your independent GP and some, at specified times, with the midwives or doctors at the Antenatal Clinic at the Maitland Hospital or  John Hunter Hospital. Your antenatal (pregnancy) care is managed by the independent GP in conjunction with the hospitals’ Antenatal Clinic .

If you would like more information about shared antenatal care or pre-pregnancy planning please speak to your independent GP today.


Pre-Pregnancy Planning

Pre-pregnancy planning is an important aspect of Women’s Health Care. Being well informed prior to becoming pregnant can be immensely beneficial to some women and their partners. The independent GP’s working at Good Health Greenhills can offer a wide range of advice and screening prior to conception to give you the best possible start to your pregnancy.

There are many areas that will be covered during your consultation. These may include but are not limited to:


Supplements including Folic Acid

Exercise and diet

Smoking alcohol and other drugs

Pre- pregnancy blood tests (immunity to Rubella etc)

For further information or to book an appointment please speak to our receptionist or your independent GP.