Health Assessments

45-49 year old health checks

As we get older , many of us become more vulnerable to illness and disease.

The Australian Federal Government supports general practice to offer a once only free health check for people aged between 45-49 years who may be at risk of developing a health complaint, like diabetes or heart problems.

The aim of the health check is to help find , prevent or lessen the effect of disease. After all, it is better to avoid disease than to treat it. This health check will give us the opportunity to look at your lifestyle and medical/family history to find out if you are at risk.

The health check involves:

  • updating your medical history and looking at your health issues
  • doing tests (such as blood pressure tests, mammogram for women, blood tests), if required
  • follow up any problems identified
  • Advice and information, for example on how to make lifestyle changes to improve your health

If you are currently within the age of 45 and 49 you may have a “risk factor”. this meaning anything that increases your chance of developing a disease, then you are entitled to a health check.

Risk factors may include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Extra weight
  • Unbalanced diet
  • High Cholesterol
  • Family history of disease (e.g. Cancer, glaucoma, heart disease, depression or diabetes)
  • Smoking
  • High stress levels
  • Sun exposure

Your independent practitioner work with you to develop strategies to reduce your risk of developing long term illness in the future.

There is no cost for this service as it is covered by Medicare.


Over 75 years health assessment

Health assessments are an important way to ensure the special needs of those aged 75 years and over are met. To support motivated GP’s to provide health assessments for their patients, the Federal Government introduced a yearly health care assessments available through Medicare in 1999.

All Australians aged 75 and over and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders aged 55 and over are eligible.

Annual health assessments for older Australians provide an opportunity for your doctor at Good Health Greenhills to undertake an in-depth assessment of your health. Health assessments cover the patient’s medical, physical, psychological and social function.

What does this health assessment mean for you?

It provides an opportunity for your independent doctor to take a thorough look at some of the health problems that you may encounter. It is designed to support preventative measures to improve your quality of life. Some of the issues addressed will include:

  • Daily activities and how well you can do these
  • Your nutritional status
  • Risk of falls and injury
  • Mood and risk of depression
  • Memory capacity
  • Vision and hearing levels
  • Social interaction and support
  • Risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes
  • Bowel and Bladder function
  • Smoking and alcohol intake
  • Immunisation status
  • Medications; both prescribed and over the counter

Overall the health assessment is a very valuable activity to enable a comprehensive appraisal of all your health needs and discover any medical problems. It also allows you to take the opportunity to ask any relevant questions related to your health. You will be seen initially by the practice nurse and then followed by the doctor.

There is no cost for this service as it is covered by Medicare.