Childhood Immunisations

Childhood vaccinations provide protection against a number of harmful infections before your child comes into contact with them. The bodies natural defences are used to build resistance to these infections and helps our children to say healthy.

After being immunised, your child is far less likely to catch the disease they have been vaccinated against and if they do catch the disease, the illness will likely be less severe and the recovery is quicker compared to an unimmunised child.

Immunisations are highly recommended for all children and legislation recently passed by the Australian Government Department of Health states that only parents of children less than 20 years of age who are fully immunised or registered in a “Catch up schedule” will be eligible for the Childcare benefit, Childcare rebate and Family Tax Benefit payments.

Your child will require an number of vaccinations in the first few years of life as your child’s immune systems is still maturing and not as developed as an older child or adult. This is why exposure to diseases such as whooping cough can have life threatening consequences.

Thanks to an App developed by NSW Health – “Save the date to Vaccinate” which can be downloaded to your android or iPhone, you can now be sent reminders of when your child’s vaccination is due. The App will calculate the date the vaccination is due and send you a reminder. You can even call our surgery directly from the App to make your appointment!

The independent practitioners operating from Good Health Greenhills offer you a comprehensive choice for childhood vaccinations.

You can:

  • Make an appointment with your independent GP of choice for the vaccinations along with a full baby check including weight, height and assessment of childhood milestones. (Private fees apply).
  • Childhood immunisation clinic which is run weekly. The clinic offers the vaccination only and is bulk billed.

Whichever appointment you choose please ensure you bring your child’s blue book with you.


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